Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling

Today feels great.
     Besides the fact that my spring break is officially almost over, and I have to reluctantly go back to doing homework every night...

     It is raining, more of a drizzle, and a few minutes ago it was lightly hailing. My favorite smell is the smell of rain. Here in Tucson, rain doesn't just smell like water and wet plants (mainly because there aren't too many plants here to be wet). Even better, the rain has a specific smell that the creosote plants create, and just makes everything feel so much more calm and relaxing. I usually like when the sun is out and hate it being covered by clouds, but today just feels like a nice rainy day to stay inside and get stuff done at the house.

     I'm currently watching Shark Tank (great show) on Hulu, and just taking some me time to myself. With how busy I am throughout the week, sometimes Sundays are the perfect day to have have me-time. (and then make time to clean and do homework and plan for the week, etc....)

     Now I am watching Water for Elephants, while I clean my living room. I'm trying to be productive, without getting too stressed or anything...


     After 3 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes, and cleaning up some more, I'm now watching Catch and Release. I have cried about 5 times so far.. Me, being the sappy girl I am. I love Jennifer Garner, and this story is just so sad. Everyone should see this movie. It's a really wonderful story about how life is uncertain, and how even through extremely rough situations, you can manage to find real happiness.

     That's all for today. A little glimpse of my rainy-day-Sunday.

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