Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter, Hunger, and Slumber

     Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in awhile. I had fun, saw my friends, and got great news from my boyfriend!
     The day started off normal, with school and work. But I got home, and had plenty of time to spare before I had plans that night. First, I got caught up on the most recent episodes of Fashion Star and America's Next Top Model, which are two of the shows I watch weekly on Hulu. That was great relaxing time for me.
     I got a phone call later from my boyfriend with wonderful news that he would be coming home for Easter!! He is in the Army, and is stationed in Ft. Stewart, GA. He rarely gets to come home, and so I rarely get to see him. Last November I had an amazing trip over Thanksgiving to visit him, and every day I wish I could go back. We were also very fortunate to have him home for 2 weeks for Christmas and New Years  Day. That was incredible. But since then we haven't known the next time we would see each other. It's very hard because he only has one 4-day-weekend each month, he has to save up alot of money for the flights, and he has to fill out paperwork and get special permission from a few 'higher-ups' to be able to come home. Last year he came home for Easter, but didn't get permission until the day before, so his plane ticket was $800.... This time he found out yesterday, and we both went online to look up prices and thankfully we got a much cheaper ticket in comparison. Only $530 this time. I cannot wait to see him and hold him and be in his company again, even if it's only for less than 4 days. I have had butterflies and a smile on my face since he officially bought his ticket last night!

     I was also a very happy girlfriend last night, because I got to skype my boyfriend! We have a hard time finding time do get on and see each other, especially with the 3 hour difference, but occasionally we are able to both make time to do it. I was happy, because I had spent a little extra time getting ready and looking nice for the movie date with my two good friends, so I got to look nice for him too:) It was like I dressed up for our skype date too.

     THEN!!! At 9:30 pm, I headed to the theatre to meet my friends to see the premiere showing of Hunger Games!! :)  That was so much fun! I have been reading the books for the last couple months, and I was so excited to see how the movie turned out. I was definitely happy with the way they did it! Everything was VERY similar to how I imagined it while reading the first book. I am just now starting the read the third book "Mocking Jay", which I'm so anxious about. I've heard many things about it, and I'm kind of nervous about what's going to happen! Can't wait to finish it.
     Here is a picture of me and my friends waiting in the theatre!!

     I got home at 3 am, and got ready for bed. I had just washed my sheets that day, and I didn't feel like making my bed, so I kind of had a slumber party by myself instead. I laid out the 2 comforters I have on the ground, and the other little blankets I have, and was very happy to sleep on the ground last night. Until I woke up with neck and back pain. Oh well.. It was still fun to have my own little slumber party.

     Well, those are the stems of my happiness from yesterday! Wish I had days like that much more often. That is my new goal.

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