Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Day!

     Alrighty... I suppose I am a little embarrassed to be writing my second post right now... Instead of 4 months ago, when I promised to post everyday leading up to Thanksgiving. Well, I suppose it's never too late to finish what I started. I am excited to try this blogging thing out again. I really do think it will be a good way to focus on the happy things going on in my life, and not the stressful or negative parts. I also think this might actually be a really good time to work on it, because I am currently on Spring Break and (try to) have a little more free time so sit down and write.

     After a comment on my first post from a good friend of mine, I realized that I do want to really try this out. It happened to be really ironic that my friend commented on it today though, because just a few hours ago I was thinking of starting a little journal to write down little fun or happy things that happened during my day, and continue it for days in the future. I completely forgot the fact that I could do the same thing on this blog that I started in November. So here it goes.

     Today, I tutored my boyfriend's cousins. (I tutor them Mondays, and Wednesdays, every other week). There were two things that happened today while tutoring that made me want to find a way to remember them later. They were 2 things that Jack (2nd grade) did; one was hilarious, and one was just special and wonderful to hear from such a young boy. I have always truly enjoyed spending time with this kid, because he always finds a way to brighten the mood, or make me smile or giggle or laugh hysterically, even on a stressful day. He is a goofball, and never fails to do something or say something completely random and out of the blue. This often gets him (and me) very distracted.

     Today in the middle of reading a book, he started rapping a Mac Miller song. These songs have very explicit lyrics and ideas not really suited for a 2nd grader, so at first I was slightly appalled to hear him rapping it, and scared for his childhood... But the fact that he could rap this song (even with his slight lisp) made me want to fall over in my chair laughing! He was so into it- rapping every single word (skipping the cuss words), and even doing a little sort of dance with it. I loved it so much.

     Later, we somehow got on the topic of grandparents. He asked about mine, and I told him that both my grandpas died before I was born, and that one of the grandmas died a few years ago. He was so surprised to hear this, because all of his grandparents are still alive, and we talked about how sad it was that they had to leave. He was sad for me because I had never met my grandpas, but asked if I had pictures of them. He told me that I can still know them because of the pictures and stories from my own parents, and that at least I can still love them. Hearing that from him made my heart melt. He also asked how old they were when they died, and how old I was. He told me that I should be happy because in about 40 or more years, I will go to the same place that they are, and I'll finally get to be with them. Jack has such a kind and thoughtful heart for a 2nd grader, for being able to think of these things, and try to make me feel better about the concept of death. It is such a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by the optimism of young children as often as I am.

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